Month: August 2016



Abundance of growth by a canal.

Visited the Canal Festival at a very wet Kirkintilloch, just a few miles outside Glasgow, on the historic Forth & Clyde Canal.

The Seagull Trust provides boat trips on the canal for people with special needs. They were there fundraising for the project by offering trips a little way along the canal; and, yours truly was delighted to get on board.

Fantastic Place.

Fantastic Project.

Fantastic People.

Abundance of Life on a canal.


Round the Corner…


Round the corner, by the Govanhill Baths, is where lemon balm and mint are growing, and indeed taking over their corner of St Bride’s Stalled Space garden!

Stalled Spaces – a great initiative started by Glasgow Council and then taken up by the Scottish government with a national remit given to Architecture + Design Scotland.

The focus is on making under used/ non-used sites available for communities to develop into a range of spaces; including for example

  • growing spaces
  • pop-up gardens
  • wildlife areas
  • urban gyms or natural play spaces
  • temporary art in the form of pop up sculptures
  • spaces for events or exhibitions, or
  • any other innovative idea

A pleasure to discover.




















A single,solitary, slender symbol of service, suffering and sacrifice.

Red poppy, on the other side of the fence,

share your story such that imprisoned memories might be freed

and Resurrection Life be known;